Tongue Reading

Tongue is an art of diagnosis that originated in Japan. In the light of modern sciences, it has gained much importance in the modern era. It has proved as very benefitial in the acurate treatment of a patient. The tongue reflects the condition of a person’s digestive system including the liver, stomach, intestines, gall bladder, colon (large intestine), spleen, and pancreas. From the color , markings, and the shape of the tongue, the possible problems of a body can be known. The doctors in our team can efficiently read the tongue of a patient and find out the problems that he or she has been suffering from.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program meant for the people with heart problems. The program is designed to minimize the risks of heart attack and other heart related problems. Generally the program of cardiac rehabilitation comprises of the following plans


The 21st century modern man suffers from an array of ailments and most of the time it is the lifestyle that is to be blamed. It is either an improper dietary regimen or simply an undisciplined physical life that causes most diseases or aggravates them. Yoga keeps a person fit and healthy. Yoga trains the body to come in perfect union with the soul and in the process the body knows what to keep for itself and what to fight out. We are qualified enough to guide patients through mental stress, acute and chronic ailments and also hereditary diseases.


Our body is made of five components that are fire, earth, ether, air and water and when the balance between these gets disturbed our body is diseased. We opt to treat the patients with natural products. So, there’s no ill side effects. We have taken a step further. We have combined homeopathy with naturopathy. So, right from diagnosis to treatment there’s no room for error and confusion on whether or not the disease can be successfully treated. This probably is the best example of the combination of nature and science working in perfect harmony with each other.


Pulse Reading

Pulse reading is an art long lost. Pulse reading owes its roots to Ayurveda and the ancient sages and saints of India have been known to practice pulse reading successfully. This probably is the oldest and the purest form of diagnosis known to man. It may seem to be pretty unbelievable and boyish to the eye of the onlooker, but the truth is to practice pulse reading one needs to be as knowledgeable as anything in the field of medicine. Telling a person his state of health by just feeling his pulse, calls for expertise beyond medical books. We proudly announce that we have been practicing pulse reading for years and with proven results. Through pulse reading, a lot can be known about a person even without any investigations or asking the person about his or her illness.

Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle management is the term used quite often in the modern times. The hectic schedule of life and the modern way of living have made it utmost important to opt for lifestyle management to lead a happy life.
Though the scope of the term is very vast, in general sense it is confined to the proper management of a lifestyle so that people can live a healthy life and experience happiness. At our clinic, we take effective measures for the lifestyle management in the modern era. We don’t confine ourselves in a particular therapy but enlighten ourselves with the treasures of traditional therapies and homoeopathy so that the best can be offered to the people for leading a delightful life. The benefits of a host of therapies come together at our clinic to enrich you with a better lifestyle.

  • - Family Problem Solving Methodology

  • - Calming Anger

  • - Methods of Effective Communication

  • - Stress Management

  • - Disciplining Teens

  • - Inner Peace

  • - Enhancing personal Skills

  • - Relaxation Exercises- Delinking with thoughts

  • - How to stop everyday pressures building-up into stress

  • - Assessing the health aspects of your job and your workplace
  • - The difference that diet, exercise and sleep can make
  • Comparing popular theories about life/work balance




Our state of the art homeopathy solutions not only cure your acute or chronic diseases, but also cure hereditary disease conditions. Our focus is to increase the self-healing capabilities of your body, so that you are less susceptible to pathogens and also have a healthy immune system. Through the process of “potentization”, we aspire to complement your inherent energy levels with medicinal energy. Through our off-beat practices, we have been able to cure diseases which are otherwise dreaded for their lingering tendencies by other streams of medicine. Such diseases include arthritis, heart diseases, skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, discoloration, acne, watts, etc., respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc, digestive problems like GERD, liver diseases, intestinal worms infestations, piles, etc., fever diseases, menstrual abnormalities, tumors, cysts, fibroids, leucorrhoea, etc. We also feel proud to mention that our differential approach to medicine is very effective in curing mental depression, stress related diseases, Parkinson’s disease, insomnia, dual nature, etc. Through our time tested approach we have been able to not only gain over many disease conditions, but also claim to successfully treat almost all types of diseases known to mankind.



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