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Our aim was, is and will continue to be to provide the best treatment and care to our patients.


Paying obedience to Great Master Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, we devote ourselves in the service of mankind. When human civilization is threatened by innumerable diseases, we strive to empower mankind with the power of homeopathy. Homeopathy shows us the future of holistic care. 



 We also specialize in pulse reading, Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda along with cardiac rehabilitation and by these alternative therapies, we promote lifestyle management. Self-discipline techniques like Taekwondo also help in self management to bring up a holistic care environment.

Trust Us ! because for us our patients are the prime concern

About Dr. Chandra Mohan

Dr. Chandra Mohan had the distinction of being a doctor from the first batch of registered doctors in Delhi. He also had in-depth knowledge on Ayurveda and Naturopathy. His ambidextrous hands have brought cheers to many suffering souls. Some big names figure in the list of his patients, among whom former President of India Dr Zakir Hussain is prominent. Dr. Mohan is the ray of hope for thousands of patients with long-term chronic and incurable states of asthma, allergy, stones, cancer, heart attacks, and many other health related problems. Today, looking back to his illustrious career spanning more than 40 odd years, this senior homeopath feels the joy of contributing towards the well being of the people. He had a great interest towards nature and loves gardening as a passion. He had always associated himself in social activities to help the poor and the needy. As an appreciation to his unmatched service for the mankind, the Board Of Homeopathic System Of Medicine Delhi honored him with the “Life Time Achievement award.”

Meet Our Doctors

Dr.Sheetal Mittal

M.D. (Hom), B.H.M.S. (Delhi) ,Cardiac Rehabilitation from Apollo Hospital, C.P.R. (U.S.A) Prof. IFNHY Delhi

Dr. Lakshay Mittal

H.M.D.(U.K) , D.I.(Hom) (London),Cardiac Rehabilitation from Apollo Hospital. Natropathy from Delhi. C.P.R (U.S.A)

Dr.Sheetal Mittal

M.D. (Hom), B.H.M.S. (Delhi), Cardiac Rehabilitation (Apollo Hospital),C.P.R. (U.S.A),Prof. IFNHY Delhi

A homoeopath with a passion, Dr. Sheetal Mittal has been serving hundreds of people. She has proved her impeccable proficiency in tongue reading and Cardiac Rehab. The patients find in her a responsible homoeopath, who cares and treats them with the best of her capability. A number of awards own by her in her educational and professionals lives stand testimony to her expertise.

“Dr.Yugvir Singh Award”“South Delhi Homeopathic Society, Appreciation Award” are mention worthy. During her education, she obtained the first ever scholarship award of B.R.Sur Trust of Delhi in 2001.

Dr. Sheetal Mittal firmly believes that homeopathy can provide the ultimate succor for all diseases. With a penchant for writing, this lady has put her pen on papers and has churned out some of the best works in medicine. A brilliant student throughout her educational career, her career graph speaks volumes about her talents and wisdom. She has also won the “Progressive Homeopathic Society Appreciation Award” consecutively for two years. Her skill in taekwondo offers another dimension to guide the people in self management, where she has been the black belt 2nd dan. She has won several state awards including gold and silver medals

Dr.Lakshay Mittal

Dr. Mittal, popularly known as Dr. Lucky in the United States is a second-generation homeopath. He did H.M.D.(U.K) with distinction. He had completed D.I.(Hom) (London) with outstanding performance. He has also completed a course in Cardiac Rehabilitation from Apollo Hospital. He has been acquainted with a course in Natropathy from Delhi. He was awarded the C.P.R certification from American Safety & Health Institute U.S.A.

His reputation in holistic treatment crossed over the boundaries of the country and reached global destinations like Germany, USA, U.K., Malaysia, Spain, Australia, South-Africa, Philippines, Vietnam, London, Paris, & Japan. As an appreciation to his unmatched expertise in healthcare, the Board of Homeopathic System Of Medicine, Delhi, honored him with “Appreciation award” & “Dr.Yugvir Singh award”

He has worked with holistic group at Pennsylvania (USA), where his patients still reminisce and admire his expertise in many stress related diseases like depression. Blending the benefits of alternative therapies like naturopathy, yoga, and pulse reading he strives to enrich mankind with sound health. He teaches people about the benefits of lifestyle management and how it can bring happiness to their lives.

His benevolence finds expression in the form of contributions to several charitable trust like “Shi Shyam Mandal” etc. He is working as a Managing Trustee with “Peace Charitable Public Trust”. He is a member of several homoeopathic societies where he plays an active role. Dr. Mittal has organized several integrated seminars and believes in a holistic approach of treatment in the light of holistic care. His fame is spreading to various parts of the world and patients pour in to his clinic for treatment from across the globe

Awards And Achievements Of Our Doctors