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I was suffering from IBS for many years had Allopathic medicine for 5 years but no results. I came to know about Dr Lakshay Mittal visited him last September and my stomach issues is much better feeling good and positive. His medicine works for any gastrointestinal problems highly recommended .He even advised life style changes and diet plan. Thank you Dr.👍
Dr Sheetal’s Holistic Clinic have a part of our lives over past 12 years!! Sure cure for colds flu , Gastric issues , allergies n skin care!! Warm helpful n supportive team.Always there to help. Much Thanks!
Simi Bhatia
I have visited several clinics for treatment of my Acne problem but not any relief. When I came to Dr Mittal I got very satisfactory results in a short while. I strongly recommend this clinic
Deepak Chahar
My father post throat surgery had one of the vocal cords not functioning, met Dr. Sheetal Chopra through a common friend and wherein other doctors had prescribed a year long therapy and a possible surgery to activate the defunct vocal cord, Dr. Sheetal took just 4 months to get 90% of his Voice back. She is highly knowledgeable, a Great Homeopath Doctor and takes immense interest and care of her patients. Highly recommend Dr. Sheetal Copra.
Abhijit Saha
She is very good doctor and gentle in behavior. She will give sufficient time to each patient. I am taking treatment for my spine and skin allergy and it seems better after 3 courses of medicine and in 3 sittings. Thank you so much Dr. Sheetal Chopra.
Sushila Paul
I wish to thank Dr. Mittal as I had multiple stomach problem I am absolutely okay. I have tried different doctors in Delhi but finally I got the correct treatment at holistic care homeopathy at green park. Thanks again Dr. Mittal and his all team members
Yohan Gottimukala

Our Results

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is 350 years old science which bears it’s roots originating from the orthodox practices prevalent in Europe during 1700’s , it believes in the law of similars which means that only that substance can treat a specific diseased individual whose symptom matches with the symptom of the prover on which the medicine is tested . it is one of the most mild, gentle, effective and without any side-effect mode of medicine. Along with the signs, the art of prescribing the right kind of medicine of the right potency(power) with correct timing is highly essential, which requires an in-depth knowledge of homeopathic system of medicines , hence a good practitioner with skilled mind can only treat and produce effective cures.


Mild & gentle- For no reason you can regard homeopathy as a harsh method of treatment. No matter whatever your illness and whatever its stage is, the treatment is always mild and gentle. Homeopathic medicines when prescribed correctly produces only that much level of action in the body which is required to render the mind & body disease free.

Free from side effects- Our treatment is very specific to the bodily constitutions and not on the type of disease; it depends on the mental, physical & regime of the person. Therefore, the person is administered only that medicine which will help his recovery for sure. There’s no trial and error method involved. These specific remedies have one thing positive that they are free from side effects.

Cures genetic inheritance- We all become ill because we have that inherited illness in us. Several members in same family may not suffer from the same illness but after deep observation it is found that the origin of the disease is the same. So until & unless the inheritance basis is corrected, disease can never be cured. It’s only homeopathy, which can look deeply at such inheritance and treat it. But you should be lucky enough to have eyes of a good homeopath for that.

Based on nature- All medicines in homeopathy are derived directly from nature. Even the modern day man believes in returning back to nature for cure of diseases. Our medicines are all derived from plant, animal, sarcodes, insects & minerals. So that crowns homeopathy as a natural science.

You may have been told that all remedies look same, the same small bottle of sweet pills, how are they different? The medicine is not the sweet pill but the drops that your doctor has added and these drops are different from each other although they look same. The medicines are prepared by the method of potentization which comprise of succession or trituration

Homeopathy is used to treat a wide range of conditions including various acute and chronic diseases such as respiratory illnesses, digestive disorders ,skin conditions and mental health issues.

Every person is different because the tendencies we inherit are different and the factors that influence us are different. The destructive tendencies can take any form like stress, diabetes, cancer, etc. depending on the weak point and degree of exposure to stress. In homeopathy, a person’s constitution talks about the state of health; this includes the internal and external acquired changes plus their temperament. So the medicine is chosen according to the constitution of the person where the remedial picture must match the symptom of the illness in the man. These are generally given between the acute state in order to strengthen the vital force and make it free from inherited problems slowly and steadily. So we say that homeopathy can treat the inherited problems.

Pulse reading is an art long lost. Pulse reading owes its roots to Ayurveda and the ancient sages and saints of India have been known to practice pulse reading successfully. This probably is the oldest and the purest form of diagnosis known to man. It may seem to be pretty unbelievable and boyish to the eye of the onlooker, but the truth is to practice pulse reading one needs to be as knowledgeable as anything in the field of medicine. Telling a person his state of health by just feeling his pulse, calls for expertise beyond medical books. We proudly announce that we have been practicing pulse reading for years and with proven results. Through pulse reading, a lot can be known about a person even without any investigations or asking the person about his or her illness.

Since homeopathy is based on complete personal detail, which includes the inherited conditions, we homeopaths need to have a very close look at your body, mind & soul, which constitute the body as a whole. This can only be done if we take a very detailed history of you and your background e.g. your likes and dislikes, your habits, modalities, intensity of the symptoms etc. Even your thinking process, the people around you and the complete environment around you play a very important role in the treatment of homeopathy.

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